my specialtieshere is how I help others

customers & clients

I like to say hello, ask questions, and help others find the answers to their biggest problems. By starting at the beginning, and making friends, good business is the result of building a trusting relationship where real listening happens. I'm here to help you be awesome, and hopefully be your friend.

project & management

I'm here to help people find answers to their questions. My passion for my clients and team, my commitment to helping others reach their goals, and my insight into managing projects and problems serve only to delight my customers, and help others learn the best way to have meaningful conversations.

social & content

Have something that you need to say? I can help you put your thoughts into words, your words into actions, and your actions into results. With a deep look into your industry and customer base, together we can target the right listeners to make sure your conversation does just what you want it to- social.

actionable insight

My shrewd and efficient action style and my desire to see results will help me help you do more with less. Goal-oriented and driven to learn, I can help you make the most of your web presence and conversations to obtain actionable insight. Let's do smarter business together.

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